Property where we will build the school

Amazing Grace Christian Academy

In 2009 we purchased about 2 acres of land in Shama with plans of building a school. A teacher is volunteering her time to write the curriculum and we will soon be writing grant requests to raise funds to build the buildings.

The school will operate as a private school. We will charge tuition to those who can afford it but will offer scholarships so no child will be denied admission due to inability to pay.

English is the official language of Ghana, but, at home, most children speak one of more than 70 native languages. The curriculum will be a true bilingual program so students will be fully literate in both their native language and English.

The plan is to open for grades kg1 (pre-k) through class 2. Each year, we will add an additional grade (so the second year, we would offer grades kg1-class 3; year three we would have students through class 4) until we have classes through junior high.

Teachers will receive exemplary training and will be expected to teach with excellence. All students who wish to attend high school must pass the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). Our goal is a 100% BECE pass rate.

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