About Ghana

Africa map showing location of Ghana

Ghana is a Sub-Saharan country that lies on the west coast of the African continent. It is about the size of the US state of Indiana. With a rich history of strength and prosperity, the Ghanaian people ruled the area for many years prior to the coming of Europeans.

Elmina, the first European fort built in Sub-Saharan Africa, became one of the castles used in the slave trade. Read more about Elmina here.

Europeans first colonized the area to take advantage of the gold and other natural resources in the area. Their focus soon moved to exportation of slaves. The Ghanaian coast is dotted with castles that had been used as holding facilities for captured people waiting exportation in the slave trade.

After fighting for the British in WWII, the Ghanaians were inspired to fight for their own independence. In 1957 they became the first Sub-Saharan country to gain their freedom from the European powers.

The current Ghanaian government is a democracy with a multi-party election system.

Islam is the major religion in the north, and Christianity is the major religion in the south, with many people all throughout the country practicing native, tribal religions.

VBS class wearing crowns

According to Operation World, there are 72 languages spoken in Ghana. The official language is English and all students must learn English in order to graduate.

A free public education is guaranteed through Junior Secondary School (grade 9). If students wish to continue their education through High School, they must pass the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). (You can find a sample of the BECE here.) High School students must pay school fees and most must also pay boarding fees since they are is not necessarily a high school near their home.

Along the coast, fishing is the primary occupation. Inland industries include farming and forestry. Ghana produces more cocoa than any other country except Cote d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast). Oil was recently discovered off the coast in the Western Region, so the country is preparing to become an exporter of oil, also.

Operation World is a book published by Zondervan Publishing House designed as an overview and prayer guide for each country of the world.

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