Social Outreach

Thank you for your interest in the many ways GCO is working to meet the physical and social needs of the people of the villages where we work.

  • In the villages with Grace Community Outreach libraries, teachers are reporting record pass rates
  • Feeding program for widows. All VBS children receive a meal on the Friday of VBS. One year, we had food left over after feeding all the children, so we sent meals to some of the widows in Shama. Several of them told us they had not eaten all day and, had we not sent them food, they would have had nothing to eat. We plan to inlcude a time for ministering to the widows of the community and meeting their needs.
  • Adult literacy to give everyone a second chance. As the libraries become established, we want them to become community centers where classes can be held to give adults a second chance at literacy. Many adults did not have the opportunity to attend school. Even if they do not go to University, a literate person has much better chances of success than someone who cannot read and write. A chance to learn will be a world-changing experience for these people.
  • Computer classes to provide training for the global marketplace.Technology is a required subject in Ghana's schools. However, many schools, especially in the smaller villages, do not have any computers, so students learn about technology from pictures their teachers draw on the blackboard. All GCO libraries will have computer labs so

Updated May 2012

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