soccer team scoring a goal


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Every year, the VBS teachers from several village select a soccer team (20 children) to participate in the Soccer tournament in Shama.

Soccer is an important part of Ghanaian life. Driving through the country, you can see boys playing soccer in every village and town. If they don't have a ball, they'll make one. One group of boys showed me the ball they had been using to practice for the tournament - a tennis ball without a cover.

Teams compete against one another in this all-day event that lasts well into the evening. For many boys, this is their first chance to see the Atlantic Ocean and the historic slave castle in Shama, even though most live less than 5 miles from the coast.

After all the teams are assembled and uniforms are distributed, the players parade through the village, carrying the trophy and announcing to everyone the start of the games. Many people from the village join us for the event, creating a festive atmosphere.

parade before the tournament starts

Before the game, all the coaches gather together for prayer, then they pray with their teams, individually. Throught the day, the Gospel of the Kingdom is shared.

Every player recieves a medal and the winning team receives a trophy to display in their GCO Library or other public place if the village does not, yet, have a library.

We are in continual need of soccer cleats and team sets of uniforms. If you or your soccer team would like to donate uniforms or sponsor a team in Ghana, please contact us.

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