girls with dolls

Toy Distribution

The Church of our Lord Jesus is a body. He calls and equips each of us differently and when we work together we can do great things.

Several years ago, a friend of GCO had a desire to collect dolls for the girls we minister to in Ghana. She frequently shops at garage sales and would buy any doll she found. Her husband began collecting toy cars for the boys. These toys are shipped and distributed to all the VBS children who can recite their memory verses at the end of the week.

As VBS has expaned to include more children than even the most exuberant garage saler could keep up with, God has brought along others to share in the ministry of collecting toys.

The children look forward to receiving these gifts each year. A local pastor commented to us as we were distributing the dolls, "These toys are such a blessing. How many of our parents could afford such a luxury?"

We accept all dolls that are in good condition. Because the children primarily play outside, dolls with hard bodies are better since they clean easier. Also, we would love to increase the percentage of black dolls we are able to distribute.

Small balls, such as tennis balls, and cars are excellent options for the boys.

We request that all toy donations be accompanied by a $5 donation per box of toys to help us cover the cost of shipping.

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