Children enjoying their rice

Vacation Bible School

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The kids look forward to Vacation Bible School every summer.

VBS started in 1998 with 700 children in two villages. More villages are added each year. In 2012, we ministered in 36 villages to over 9,000 children. We teach the word of God, memorize scripture, and have a craft time. We also bless the children with toys such as balls and cars for the boys and baby dolls for the girls.

The last day of VBS we provide lunch for each of the VBS participants. The children look forward to this simple meal of jolaf rice (rice and beans mixed with tomato sauce and spices).

Last year, we didn't have enough rice for one of the villages, so delivered "biscuits" (like a cookie or sweetened cracker) to the children in this village. They were disappointed and many walked away without their food.

Theme for VBS 2012: Let Your Light Shine!

VBS teachers who started as students

Growing up in Vacation Bible School

Each year, the theme of VBS focuses on Biblical teachings that the students and teachers can apply to their lives. Children memorize scripture verses, and learn about Bible heroes who are not so different from us.

Many of the young people who were once teachers are now community leaders, teachers, pastors, and evangilists. Several teachers have reported that while teaching VBS, they understood God's love as they never had before. The teachers pictured to the left grew up going to VBS, have now graduated, and are now VBS teachers.

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